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Menu 6/5

Menu 6/5

  1. Keto Reuben Casserole (349 calories, 27g fat, 3.9g carbs, fiber 1g, 22g protein)

Side: broccoli salad (100 calories, 6g fat, 2g carbs, 2g protein)

  1. Keto Queso smothered chimichangas (no tortilla needed) (375 calories, 21g fat, 4g carbs, 1g fiber, 19g protein) (No tortilla Needed)

Side: Spanish cauli rice (85 calories, 2g carbs, 2g fat, 1g protein)

  1. Keto fried rice and chicken bowl (324 calories, 19g fat, 4.7g carbs, 1.9g fiber, 32g protein)
  2. Keto Bbq Ribs (Premium Meal) (445 calories, 33g fat, 3.39g carbs, .6g fiber, 37g protein). Side: Cheesy baked turnips
  3. Keto Chicken Spaghetti (542 calories, 43g fat, 10g carbs, fiber 2g, 28g protein)

Side: squash casserole (125 calories, 4g fat, 5g carbs, 2g protein, 3g fiber)

Grab & Go Items: Keto Meatball Casserole Bowl (320 calories, 20g fat, 10g carbs, 10g fiber, 36g protein)

Keto buffalo dip with celery sticks (291 calories, 25g fat, 2g carbs, 1g fiber, 14g protein)


Keto PBJ Bars (166 calories, 14.8g fat, 4.1g carbs, net 1.9, 5.2g protein)

Keto White Cheddar Bacon Quiche (240 calories, 10g fat, 4g carbs, 1g fiber, 7g protein)

Keto Chorizo & Peppers Quiche (237 calories, 19g fat, 2.1g carbs, .1g fiber, .20g protein)

Keto Sausage Gravy Biscuit (407 calories, 34g fat, 6.75g carbs, 3g fiber, 17g protein)


Desserts: Keto Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars (226 calories, 20g fat, 6g carbs, 5g protein, 3.2g fiber)

Keto No Bake Cookie Dough Cheesecake (299 calories, 28g fat, sat fat 13g, 8g carbs, 3g fiber, 8g protein)


DESSERTS: Highlighted Dessert: Keto Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

Keto No Bake Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Keto Fruit Pizza 180 calories, 15.75g fat, 5.7g carbs, 1.65g fiber, 2.3g sugar, 4.95g protein

Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Bars (345 calories, 21g fat, net 5g carbs, 7g protein)

Keto Banana Cream Pie Bar (257 calories, 19.5g fat, 6.75g carbs, 2.25g fiber, 3.75g protein)

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (dip-57 calories, 5g fat, 3g carbs, 1g fiber, 0g protein)

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies (40 calories, 3.5g fat, sat fat 1.5g, 1.56g carbs, .5g fiber, 0g sugar, 1g protein)

Keto Crunchy Reese’s Bars (150 calories, 13g fat, 5g carbs, 3g fiber, 4g protein)

Keto Reese’s Bars (150 calories, 13g fat, 5g carbs, 3g fiber, 4g protein)

Keto Brownie Batter Cheesecake (263 calories, 25.5g fat, 7.5g carbs, net 4.5g, fiber 3g, sugar 1.5g, protein 6g)