Dessert Club

Become a Dessert Club Member! for $50 6 Month Membership

Benefits for being Dessert club member:

  • Receive FREE snacks, promotional items, or new snacks being launched!
  • Receive $5/dozen on the snack menu anytime! Expires 12/31/20 (excludes:  puppy chow and half dozen items)
  • Recieve $1 off any dessert item (excludes sale items)
  • Excludes:  puppy chow and half dozen items

Expiration:  Memberships run 6 months. From Jan 1 to June 31 and July 1 to Dec 31.  Sale prices allow you to join today until the end of that current period.

With our wide selection of desserts and snacks, there is something for everyone to satisfy that “sweet tooth!” 🙂

How to order?

Big Mama's Dessert and Snack Club

Perks of dessert and snack club: (membership 1/1/2022- 7/1/2022)

  • $5/dozen on snacks menu.
  • Discounts on desserts for being a member.
  • Receive free highlighted dessert for joining.
  • $1 off every highlighted dessert item purchased.