Question & Answers

1. How many servings are the meals?
Each meal serves one person, one serving. Family meals are one large container (main and side item) and serves 4 people.

2. What do we do with the containers, give them back to you?
Unfortunately no, we can’t take the containers back but you can reuse them for your own personal use or recycle them

3. Where is all the food made?
Our commercial kitchen is in Carroll, Ohio. We have our commercial food license with the Department of agriculture and health. We also have a food truck now and a mobile food license as well.

4. Who makes the delicious food?
We have 3 Executive Chefs on staff who make all the meals and a Pastry Chef who makes the dessert line menu. They all are very passionate about their work as you can tell by how the food and treats taste

5. Do the meals come frozen?
No, all our meals come fresh, prepackaged and ready to eat.

6. Do I put the meals in the freezer or refrigerator?
All meals go to the refrigerator and pull out when ready to eat. Any meals you are not able to get to through the week can be frozen. (just make sure the side item isn’t a salad or celery etc. as that will not freeze well)

7. How do I cook my meal?
Simply heat in microwave 1.5-2 minutes and your meal should be ready to eat! Super simple and you do NO prepping. Reheat and enjoy!

8. Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to Columbus, Springfield, Dayton, Zanesville and everywhere in between. If you still aren’t sure if we deliver to you, simply message us on facebook or text 614.949.6203 and we can let you know for sure. There are even locations we meet people half way if need be.

9. When is my deadline to order?
We post the menu Monday Night and you have until Wednesday by 10pm to order. This ordering is to receive meals for that following Sunday/Monday.

10. What if I missed the deadline to order?
No problem, text 614.949.6203 or message us on our site and we will let you know if we can fulfill your entire order or partial of it.

11. Do you ever have extras?
It changes from week to week depending on what we have extras of and the quantity. If you haven’t already, definitely like us and follow us on Facebook “Big Mama’s Meal Prep” as we post all extras we have each week. Usually, everything is sold out by Tuesday morning at the latest fyi

12. When is delivery and is there a fee?
There is a delivery fee of $15 fee for Columbus and Dayton, Cincinnati is $15.

13. Can I pick my meals up?
Sure can. Pick up is at our gym in Pickerington (Title Boxing Club-864 refugee rd) If picking up on Sunday it is Drive-thru style in the back of our building (contactless)  If you missed the time window, No Problem! You can pick up on Monday or Tuesday (front of building, walk inside) anytime after 11am so you aren’t disrupting our boxing class. The delivery schedule can be found here.

14. Is all your food Keto?
No not all of it. Our Big Daddy’s Comfort Foods line is Non Keto always. It is mainly focused on feeding your family so all serving for Big Daddy’s is served by the half pans. Simply heat right in oven 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes and serve. Anything that says Low Carb for Big Mama’s is usually Non Keto and we always write beside those items (Non Keto Friendly) if they are not Keto so all our Keto Dieters are aware. All of our meals on Big Mama’s are healthy and Low Carb and 98% of our meals are usually Keto. This also includes our dessert menu. And as always if you still aren’t sure about a certain dish or item, you can message us or text us anytime for clarification.

15. Do you post the nutrition with your items?
Sure do. You can always see the nutrition posted under Menu on our website and always posted on our facebook page as well.

16. So what are your prices like?
All items are ALa cart. Feel free to look at the current menu items for pricing.

17. Is there an order minimum?
Nope. Order as little or as much as you would like.

18. Is the menu change?
Sure does. Every week it is different. If there is food you enjoyed, let us know as we can put it back on the menu frequently. But every week we change it up for you.

19. What if I don’t want a side item served with a meal, can I pick and choose?
Not really. I do the macros for each meal entirely so changing your side changes the macros I have laid out. But if you just want a specific item, we can possibly make it happen for you, just message us before ordering so we know or text us at 614.949.6203

20. How do I place an order?
Simply create an account at BigMamasMealPrep.com/order
After making an account, you can always log into it with your email and password you created so you aren’t reentering information every time. When ordering, if you want 10 meals, you will click a quantity of 10 of whatever “Main Entrees” you want to total 10 meals. You will see the total reflected at checkout.

21. What if I want to add something or take something off and I already ordered?
No problem. Text 614.949.6203 anytime for the fastest response or message us on facebook or through our website. We can help you anytime. If you ever need to let us know something, simply type it in the Notes section before placing your order as well. Example: “please remember the gate code is 123 for the delivery driver to get in”

22. Are breakfasts included in my meals?
Breakfasts are a meal item and are purchased separately.