Are YOU a good fit for Big Mama’s Meal Prep?

If you can relate to any ONE of these statements/questions, then you would love Big Mama’s Meal Prep!

1.  I never have time to cook for myself and find myself doing drive thru because it is quick and easy.

The foods I cook for my family are not the best and I find myself eating it because nobody likes the healthy food like I do.

2.  I know I am eating way too many calories, too much sugar in what I am eating, and oh lord my carbohydrate intake is out of control.  I know I am not getting enough fiber and protein in my daily diet like I should.  I should pay more attention to it.

3.  I need help with portion control as I find myself eating the entire plate in front of me.

4.  I honestly just hate meal prepping myself and want someone else to do it for me.

5.  It just took me my entire Sunday to meal prep for myself for the week, ummm yea I am not doing that again!

6.  I would love to have more energy throughout my day and get the right nutrients my body needs, I just honestly have no idea what I should be supplying my body with?

7.  I would love to lose some weight and it seems no matter what I do, the scale never changes.

8.  I would love to lose this weight and I don’t know how I can’t because I go to the gym 5x a week?  It is like my body has plateaued.

9.  I want to feed my family the right food that will help them have more energy and make them stronger, healthier people!

10.  I love all sorts of different vegetables, proteins, and foods!  Basically, I will eat anything!!

11.  I am willing to try different foods that I would not normally eat but if they taste good and it is healthy and good for my body, I am open to trying it.

12.  I can not stand eating the same exact foods over and over everyday even if it is super healthy for me.

13.  I truly do enjoy eating healthy but wish I had some guidance in what I should be eating.